Product Description

What is Premark ?

Premark is an easy and quick to install thermoplastic coating. It is the most economic of our thermoplastic products.

It is generally used in cases such as symbol markings that are standardized by the MTQ

  • School zones
  • Shading
  • Allotments
  • Advanced Stop Lines
  • Bike/Chevrons
  • Symbols of Access
  • EV Symbols
  • Arrows
  • Pedestrian Crossings in low traffic residential areas. To improve reflectivity, a mix of Vizigrip and glass microbeads is also available.


For pedestrian crossings in heavy traffic locations, we recommend TrafficPatterns and TrafficPatterns XD. 

Premark lasts 6 to 8 times longer than standard paint.

This product must be installed by an authorized applicator.


Our Creations


Bike/Chevron Symbols for Cycling Strips

Avenue Parc de la Fontaine, Montréal

Made in 2018



Directional Arrows


Boul. Saint-Joseph, Chateauguay

Made in 2010


Cycling Strip Symbols


Rue Émile-Journeault, Montréal

Made in 2012


Bike/Chevron Symbols on Green Background


Used on cycling strips, to improve visiblity of reserved lanes


Standard Symbols of Access


Used in busy parking lots


Yellow Pedestrian Crossing



Used for residential streets with light to medium traffic.

We recommend TrafficPatterns and TrafficPatterns XD for roads with medium to heavy traffic.

Made in 2016