Product Description

What is TrafficPatterns XD ?


TrafficPatterns XD is the most resistant of our products. Installable on bitumen only, using infrared StreetHeat® technology,TrafficPatterns XD permanently marks the asphalt it is applied to.



TrafficPatterns XD resists wear and extreme climates. TrafficPatterns XD is applied òn existing asphalt without damaging its surface, and ensures a uniform, non-slippery, convivial surface for pedestrians.

Traffic Patterns XD is used for :

  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Curbs
  • Median strips
  • Public areas
  • Roundabouts
  • Sidewalks
  • Any other marking, in medium or heavy traffic.


A quick and easy installation process ensures minimal traffic disruption. Traffic can be reopened 60 minutes after installation.

Its durability enables long-term savings on maintenance. After many years of wear, it is possible to make local repairs. TrafficPatterns XD is certified long lasting by the MTQ. This product must be installed by an authorized applicator.


Our Creations


St-Laurent Street, Montréal

Area of 20 m²

Colours : Yellow and Field Grey

Made in 2018







Notre-Dame Street, Montréal

Area of 67 m²

Colours : Heritage Red and White Strips

Made in 2018








Pink Road, Gatineau

Area of 560 m²

Colours: Heritage red and White

Made in 2021




Place Bell, Laval

Area of 125 m²

Colours : Yellow and Field Grey

Made in 2017




Rue Bourgeoys, le Sud-Ouest, Montréal

Area of 40 m²

Colours : White ,Yellow and Heritage Red

Made in 2015





Area of 86 m²

Colours : Grey and White

Made in 2016




Rue de la Jacques-Cartier, Gatineau

Area of 775 m²

Colours : Heritage Red and White Strips

Made in 2015-2016




Boul. St-Laurent, Montréal

Area of 127 m²

Colours : Field Grey and White

Made in 2017


Custom Crosswalk



Area of 270 m²

Colours : Field Grey and White

Made in 2017




Area of 200 m²

Colours : Yellow and Field Grey

Made in 2015


Route 138, Ragueneau

MTQ Project

Area of 815 m²

Colours : White, Field Grey, Yellow and Light Grey

Made in 2018


Medians and Curbs


Median Strip in Varennes

Area of 685 m²

Colours : Heritage Red and White Strips

Made in 2013



Le Sud-Ouest, Montréal

Area of 98 m²

Colours : Field Grey and Yellow

Made in 2014


Rue Fleury Ouest, Montréal

Area of 165 m²

Colours : Heritage Red and White Strips

Made in 2014-2015 and 2017


Green Bike Lanes


Faubourg Cousineau, St-Hubert

Area of 55 m²

Colours :  White and Light Green

Made in 2018



Boulevard Poliquin, Sorel-Tracy

Area of 60 m²

Colours :  White and Light Green

Made in 2017



Area of 125 m²

Colours : Kelly Green

Made in 2014-2015