Product Description


What is MMAX ?

MMAX is a special system that combines state of the art methyl methacrylate resins, a resistant aggregator and the highest quality pigments.

Performance Characteristics

Durability :
Methyl methacrylate resins combined with a resistant aggregator offer maximum durability at light to heavy traffic levels.

Friction : 

Meets the mark for anti-slipping for cyclists. Its surface possesses remarkable adherence, safely enabling the circulation of pedestrians and cyclists.

Colour Stability : 

Technology evolved for durable retention of colours, particularly resistant to UV rays and abrasives such as gasoline, oil, cooling liquids and the chemical reaction of deicing salt.


Sensitizes cars, cyclists and pedestrians to sharing road lanes.

Improves the visibility of reserved lanes.

Lanes can be opened to traffic 20 to 60 minutes after application.

MMAX is mainly used for;

  • Cycling Lanes
  • Advanced Stop Lines
  • Sidewalks
  • Pedestrian Corridors

MMAX can be applied to bitumen and concrete!

This product must be installed by an authorized applicator.

1 year warranty.

mmax CycleGrip MMAX Methyl Methacrylate


Our Creations


Advanced Stop Line

Rue de l'église, Montréal

Priorize cyclists with a CycleGrip MMAX Advanced Stop Line

Made in 2018



Roadside Cycling Lane


A colored lane helps drivers and cyclists respect their lanes.





Université Sherbrooke


Cycling Strips, high visibility!

Made in 2019


Olympic Stadium


Colours : Terracotta

Made in 2016


Advanced Stop Line


Rue de l'église, Montréal

Made in 2018