Product Description

What's StreetBond?

StreetBond is an acrylic sealant strengthened with modified polymeric epoxy and silicium. In other words, StreetBond is a coloured coating that increases the lifespan of the asphalt or concrete on which it is applied, while colouring the space on which it is applied according to your taste. This product has a multitude of use cases, patterns and colours. It is ideal for :


  • Green spaces and parks (Parks and Schools)
  • Public areas (Parks and Schools)
  • Sidewalks (Municipal Projects)
  • Pedestrian Streets (Municipal Projects)
  • Bicycle Paths (Roadside) (Municipal Projects)
  • Playgrounds (Parks and Schools)
  • Courtyards (Parks and Schools)

StreetBond offers a large array of colours, but it is also possible to choose a custom colour with the help of a RAL or Pantone.



StreetBond can be cleaned using a lightly pressurized jet.

StreetBond is a high-end product.


Here are 6 reasons to choose StreetBond:


StreetBond resists erosion and ground movement.

StreetBond is the most durable coating in its category.

Environmentally Responsible
All StreetBond products are non-toxic and made from water.
This product contains minimal volatile organic compounds.

Chemical Resistance
StreetBond resists abrasive substances such as gasoline, oil, cooling liquids, salt and chlorinated water. 

Colour Stability
StreetBond contains UV ray resistance pigments that prevent decolouration when exposed to the sun.

StreetBond is an antislip coating, this is due to the silicium mixed in to the base product.

This product must be installed by an authorized applicator. 1 year warranty.


Parks and Public Spaces


Parc Guido-Nincheri, Montréal

Area of 640 m²

Custom Sandstone and Red Colours

Made in 2017




Place Shamrock, Montréal

Area of ±1400 m²

Colours : Paprika and Merlot

Made in 2013


Parc Sans Nom, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal

Area of 1635 m²
Colours : Avocado, Marigold, Emerald Green et Sangria
Made in 2016


Rue Sanguinet (Place des Montréalaises)


Area of 518 m²

Colours : Shamrock Green, Paprika, SR Khaki et Sea Foam

Made in 2017


Parc des Royaux, Montréal


Area of 510 m²

Colours : Shamrock Green, Safety Blue, blanc, Pumpkin Spice

Made in 2016


Parc Jos-Montferrand, Montréal


Area of 952 m²

Custom colours

Made in 2018



Parking Lots


St-Maurice Church, Bois-des-Filion

Area of 65 m²
Colours : Safety Blue, White, Shamrock Green et Marigold
Made in 2018



St-Maurice Church, Bois-des-Filion


Area of 65 m²
Colours : Safety Blue, White, Shamrock Green et Marigold

Made in 2018


Claude-Robillard Sports Centre, Montréal


Accessible Parking Spaces and Road Lines

Colours : Safety Blue & White

Made in 2014


Bicycle Paths


Rue Carmelle, Bois-Des-Filion


Area of 2500 m²

Colour : Shamrock Green

Made in 2018




Colours : Bike Path Green, White

Made in 2014



Area of 920 m²

Colours : Terracotta

Pedestrian Symbols made with Premark

Made in 2011




École Victor-Rousselot, Montréal


Area of 650 m²

Colours : Marigold, Sun Backed Clay et Paprika

SR White Road Lines

Made in 2017




École St-Étienne, Montréal


Colours : Marigold, Safety Blue and Paprika

SR White Lines

Made in 2013


École Ste-Jeanne d'Arc, Montréal


Colours : Safety Blue, Paprika, Marigold, Avocado and SR White

Made in 2013


École Élan, Montréal


Area of 1145 m²

Colours : Marigold, White and Safety Blue

Made in 2017


École Cœur-Vaillant, Québec


Colours : Safety Blue, Emerald Green 

Made in 2013


École des Sources, Dollard-des-Ormeaux


Area of 1820 m²

Colours : Paprika

Made in 2016