Product Description


What's TrafficPatterns?

TrafficPatterns is a flat thermoplastic coating installed on bitumen or concrete using the infrared StreetHeat® technology. TrafficPatterns is used with standard patterns but can also be adequate for custom creative projects.



TrafficPatterns resists wear and extreme climates. It is applied to existing bitumen and does not damage the surface. This eliminates the risk of uplift and subsidence and ensures a uniform, non-slippery and friendly surface for pedestrians to use. 

Traffic Patterns is used for;

  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Curbs
  • Median strips
  • Public areas
  • Roundabouts
  • Sidewalks
  • Any other marking, in medium or heavy traffic.


A quick and easy installation process ensures minimal traffic disruption. Its durability enables long-term savings on maintenance. After many years of wear, it is possible to make local repairs. This product must be installed by an authorized applicator.

TrafficPatterns is generally used for pedestrian crossings 

or other custom projects! 


Our Creations




Glen & Vittie Crossing, Granby

Area of 185 m²

Various colours

Made in 2018




Bridor Warehouse, Montréal

Area of 80 m²

Honeycomb Pattern

Made in 2017









Area of 60 m² (3 crosswalk)

Made in 2021


Other TrafficPatterns Projects in the World












Every Child Matters decorative crosswalk

York Region / Town of Georgina, Ontario

Made in 2021

decorative crosswalk every child matters