Product Description



What is StreetPrint?

StreetPrint is a stamping process which reproduces the properties of brick, stone, pavement, tiling etc. directly on asphalt, at an advantageous cost. 

StreetBond can then be used on the stamped asphalt to add colour to your project!

Why choose StreetPrint?
Quick installation, durable, resistant and easy to maintain. 

StreetPrint is ideal for;

  • Green spaces and parks (Parks and Schools)
  • Public areas (Parks and Schools)
  • Sidewalks (Municipal Projects)
  • Pedestrian Streets (Municipal Projects)
  • Courtyards (Parks and Schools)

A large range of patterns and colours make StreetPrint an excellent choice for all your projects. 

This product must be installed by an authorized applicator.

A colour chart with high solar reflectance (29 or higher) is also available and is admissible to the LEED® program.


Our Creations


Sanguinet Street (Place des Montréalaises) Montréal

Area of 500 m²

Colours : Bike Path Green, SR Khaki, Paprika et Celtic Green

Made in 2017



Place Bell, Laval

Area of 475 m²

Colours : Sandstone SR

Made in 2017


Larochelle Park, Repentigny

Area of 1700 m²

Colours : Sandstone SR

Made in 2013 & 2014




Rigodon Park, St-Clet

Area of 200 m²

Colours : Bedrock et Khaki

Made in 2013

New section added in 2017





Premium Outlet, Montréal

Area of 255 m²

Colours : Pewter et Sandstone

Made in 2014





CIL Commemorative of McMasterville

Area of ± 400 m²

Colours : Irish Cream, Terra Cotta SR et Bedrock

Made in 2010




Campbell Street, Bedford

Stamped pavement, giving a feel of paved blocks

Multiple spaces in different areas for a total of 40

Colours : Terracotta

Made in 2019




Donnacona Quay

Fresh Pavement Transformation

Area of 295 m²

Colours : Limestone SR

Made in 2019